Are you a veteran who is considering buying a house in the Riverside, California area? Make sure to read this helpful information before making your purchase!

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers many housing benefits to you and your family. This includes perks when it comes to home loans and refinancing. Here is some key information that you should know:

1. Eligibility. Veterans, current service members, and some eligible surviving spouses can benefit from VA home loans and some other housing programs.

2. Advantages. VA home loans typically let those who are eligible receive a home loan with little to no down payment. There are also set limits on how much you will have to pay for closing costs.

3. No Penalties. Veterans do not see any penalties for paying off their home in advance of the set loan duration.

4. Home Equity Loans. As a veteran, you are able to do Cash Out refinance loans – meaning that you can take money from your home equity to help pay for other expenses.

5. Refinancing. Through the VA loan system, veterans can refinance their loan to a lower interest rate and decrease the amount of money that they pay monthly and over the course of the loan.

So if you are a veteran who would like to buy a home in the Riverside area, then be sure to reap the benefits that you truly earned and deserve. You will want to work with a Real Estate Benefits Specialist for Veterans in order to save money and get the best services possible. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve your home buying or refinancing goals. We can be reached at 909-786-1584. Thank you for your service!